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 Kelley Enterprises and Positive People Promotions

Three New Books
By Dr. Fran Kelley
To Be Available July 21, 2017

King Josiah The YOung King - By Dr. Fran Kelley     A Call To Prayer - By Dr. Fran Kelley    Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me? By Dr. Fran Kelley

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Our Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:
It is our philosophy to handle every challenge with a "Positive" attitude and fulfill our "Purpose" on our journey to "Promise"!

Fran Kelley - CEO

Organizational Goals:

  • Provide jobs and job training
  • Increase income, business and ownership opportunities for low income and minority people
  • Encourage economic self sufficiency within the community
  • Provide family training and parenting
  • Provide resources by contact and referral for community needs such as teen pregnancy, drug abuse, gang violence, spousal abuse and prison aftercare.

Fran Kelley, of Little Rock, Arkansas heads Positive People Promotions and has gained national recognition for her role in helping others to reach their goals, especially the underprivileged and minority groups who need to know that someone cares and is willing to stand by them, expand their vision, and help them reach their potential in life.

Fran reaches out to the community with a positive message through television and radio, through mentoring and tutoring programs, and by getting involved in classroom activities.  She also reaches the business community through Kelley Enterprise, an advertising and promotional company who has helped many companies and ministries to promote events and campaigns to increase revenues.  Click here to learn more about her services.

501 412-9274

"It's Discipline not Desire that Determines our Destiny"

Positive People Promotions, Inc.
5022 Rixie Road
North Little Rock, AR 72117
Ph: 501-412-9274  Fax 501-834-2022 

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