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 About Us 

Positive People Promotions, Inc.

A non-profit organization designed to empower students and improve life in the community.  We offer tutoring and mentoring services for students free of charge, Particularly at-risk students in grades K-12 in Math, English and Science.  It is our philosophy to handle every challenge with a "positive" attitude. 

The organization's goals are to provide jobs and job training, increase income, business and ownership opportunities for low income and minority people to encourage economic self sufficiency within the community, to provide family training and parenting, to provide resources by contact and referral for any community needs such as teen pregnancy, drug abuse and treatment, homelessness, child abuse, gang violence, spousal abuse and prison aftercare.

About Mary Swanigan and the Founder

Mary Swanigan Memorial Scholarship is awarded every two years.

Mary Florine Swanigan born in Brinkley, Arkansas to Elbert and Lois Swanigan, (my loving grand parents) reared eight children with an eighth grade education.  They all now lead very successful lives.  She would sometimes worked two jobs to provide for their needs, never neglecting to instill in them the fundamental foundation of a reverence for God, family and to striving to be the best that they could be.  After all of her children were out of school and on their own, Mary decided to go back to school and get her GED.   After reaching that goal, she continued her education and received college hours from Toltec Community College.  She later organized a community organization called Pinal County Self-Help Organization. She would assist individuals with furthering their education and striving for excellence despite challenges.   An example of Mary?s legacy is her eldest daughter Fran Kelley, President of Positive People Promotions, Inc. organized in 1998.  Fran also became pregnant at an early age and never went to high school, but through the support of those who believed in her completed the eighth grade by taking classes at home during her pregnancy.  She married at age 15 and later went to school at night while working days and obtained her GED.  She is a graduate of UALR with an associate degree in Administrative Services.  She is presently employed as office manager at The Lloyd Schuh Company, President of Positive People Promotions, a Mary Kay beauty consultant, a President of Kelley Enterprise (Advertising & Marketing Firm), a foster parent and Radio personality, PR person for Pulaski County Democratic Women; and a 9-year breast cancer survivor, and role model for the Witness Project. With such a list of accomplishments Fran is still a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, Evangelist and active member of The Awareness Center International.

Kelley Enterprise

Kelley Enterprise offers professional advertising consulting to help clients promote their business or ministry through radio, television and print media.  Click here for complete details.

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"It's Discipline not Desire that Determines our Destiny"

Positive People Promotions, Inc.
5502 Kennedy Cove Ste. D
North Little Rock, AR 72117
Ph: 501-412-9274  Fax 501-834-2022 

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