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 Free To Be Me Book 
"Free To Be Me" by Fran Kelley

My Book "Free To Be Me" was debuted in March 2004.  Since then I have sold hundreds of copies and attended many conferences, seminars, and book signings.  You can be blessed by this phenomenial testimony of triumph.  Place your order now and pay with your credit card - Only $24.95 which includes free Shipping and Handling.  You will receive a signed copy from Fran. 

Free To Be Me:   Autobiography  $15

My Story about being molested by my step-father and being a 2-time breast cancer survivor.

"Fighting With Pain" - Book Excert

Where did it all begin? I'm not sure that I can go back to the very beginning;  I only know that since the beginning of time I've been evolving into the spiritual being that I am now.  All I know is that I've come over hills and mountains, through valleys, and Craters, pitfalls, tribulations, and tests of my faith.  I've not passed every test but, I've learned to count it all joy.  Without a doubt I've learned that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.  So now I know that everything that I've gone through was only for my good. I thank God for the most wonderful husband in the world who is still by my side when I didn't know how to deal with myself.  He never stopped loving me, even with my dual personalities; He found a way to communicate with the Fool and the Queen.  I thank God for my beautiful children who have never failed to be there for me in my many endeavors. One never knows, what situations will get you to your destiny.  I never knew that molestation, rape, abusive relationships, drugs, would be the key to my anointing.  Who would have thought that it would take so much mess to bring me to that wealthy place in God?  I once thought that the wealthy place was money, but God has shown me that having His wealth is much more than money!  It has been stated, "much given, much required". One never knows that while you're going through a situation, what will actually be required for you to reach your turning point. But God knows everything, He knows even when you want to give up, and can't. He knows what it will take for you to continue to hold on.  I look back and think about how many times I wanted to give up on my marriage.  I was at a point that I didn't want to try to make it work.  I was just tired of trying.  I said many times, it's over; I didn't have the strength to continue to work things out.  But God had it already worked out.

My husband, Bob and I met at a time that I was really going through, still grieving the death of Roy. I was at a very bad state of depression. I had just lost my husband, and best friend at that time. The late Rev. Roy Lee Laird, LaTonya's father, whom I loved very much. He was responsible for inspiring me to make a significant change in my life, to totally give my life to God. He was a well-known pastor and community activist. It was truly God who ordained our meeting.

Fran Kelley - Author

"It's Discipline not Desire that Determines our Destiny"

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